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Headbanger Shad 22 cm

Combining erratic and evasive movement with the irresistible characteristics of the fixed, replaceable paddle tail to give you a unique swimming action to trigger even the most lethargic fish to strike. The Headbanger Shad 22 cm works well with just a simple straight retrieve, but excels when used with pauses and twitches. Available in three different buoyancies for different depths and styles of fishing, it is typically used to target northern pike, muskellunge, big zander and lake trout.

The lure has a wire-through-body construction and is equipped with rattle balls of different sizes for a fuller sound. The lure is lead-free and the weights inside are made of stainless steel. Headbanger Shad is equipped with premium VMC 7547 BN hooks, #1/0 in the front, #1 in the rear. Trolls up to 2.5 knots.

The tail is easily replaced by turning it counterclockwise to release it from its corkscrew anchor. The lure has two smaller pegs that hold the tail in place and prevents it from twisting out of position when being used.

Floating: 61 g
Suspending: 74 g
Sinking: 83 g

Fishing depth
Floating: 0-1.5 m
Suspending: 1.5-2.5 m
Sinking: 2-4 m