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Headbanger BangerRibs

Featuring a curly paddle tail that creates movement in the main body section, the BangerRibs swims like an injured prey. Its hollow ribcage collapses easily when the fish strikes and gives you excellent hookup capability regardless of hook type used.

The BangerRibs features realistic eyes and has the perfect combination of curly tail and paddle tail. It can be fished like a swimbait imitating bait fish, but also like a worm/grub, and is therefore suitable to fish around the bottom and all throughout the water column.

It is specifically designed to be used with the RockerHead, which produces the best swimming action, but it can also be used with standard jigheads, Texas, Carolina, dropshot and other rigs. The 69 mm BangerRibs works best with our #3/0 RockerHeads, and the 86 mm works best with our #4/0 RockerHeads.

Length: 69 mm / 86 mm
Swimming length: 90 mm / 115 mm
Weight: 3 g / 7 g
Amount: 5 pcs